Count This Instead Of Calories

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Even better, by using this much easier counting method, you’ll automatically be controlling your calorie intake at the same time If only counting calories, your diet could actually be imbalanced. Just think if you ate 1800 calories, you’d hit your calorie goal, but your body wouldn’t be too pleased with you!

While counting calories may be more accurate than simply “watching what you eat,” it certainly can become a cumbersome chore each day. Beyond that, the results you achieve are much more related to the the types of foods you eat than calories alone leovitae fermentum atoque.

And for the carb lovers out there, don’t worry, I still advocate a weekly “cheat day” where you can refuel and indulge in your favorite high-carb foods while actually speeding your fat loss along.

This simple macronutrient counting method works for just about anyone looking to shed flab fast and without having to count every single calorie.

­Get it, then flaunt it!

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